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  • Cars
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Air, Sea, Land Freight

* By container or rolling stock

** With car transporter or closed trailer

International Vehicle Shipping

The international vehicle shipping it is full of pitfalls and to be successful, several aspects must be taken into consideration.

In fact, when you want to ship a car or a motorbike abroad you have to take into consideration aspect such as its status, new or used? Running or not? Dimensions? Value? and of course destination, here just some examples of all the aspects. Obviously, only after an accurate case by case evaluation, it is possible to choose the best transport solution and the best route, because only in this way it will be possible to get both cost saving and time saving.

So according to vehicle status, the transport solution, and of course your needs, the shipping procedure will be built up ad hoc. For example, we could pick up the vehicle with a tow truck if it is necessary, or we can create a particular scaffolding inside the container if you want to ship more than one vehicle per time, and of course we will assist you with all the documents that change according to the destination and the vehicle status.

Regarding the costs and advantages of each transport solution, the transport by sea container and enclosed trailer are the safest solutions, in fact in this way the vehicle is protected from the bad weather so we suggest these kinds of solutions for valuable and expensive vehicles.

The car transporter is of course the cheapest way to deal with an international vehicle shipping, but it reaches just the European destinations; and about the air freight solution, whereas it is certainly the fastest and the most convenient to reach any destinations, in the other side it is the most expensive and the most demanding in term of bureaucracy.

Choose Agile Cargo for your international vehicle shipping, you will be sure to get a professional service with low cost.


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