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Agile Cargo Sea Freight

Agile Cargo carries out sea freight solutions, both for companies that need regular, safe and cost-effective handling of their products, and for private customers who have to face occasional good transfers as such as vehicle shipping, international moving, or more in general bulky items and big parcels.

The Sea Freight is the best solution for not urgent shipping and long-haul routes across the ocean.

Today, 90% of import/export market is moved by sea freight. The reason behind the sea freight supremacy is just one, maybe the most important:

sea freight performance


In sea freight market there are less transport regulations and the sea freight solutions are less expensive than air freight, and thanks to high capacity of containership is possible to move big quantity of goods in just one time. On long-haul routes, the sea freight is the best solution for bulky and heavy shipping, dangerous goods and outsized cargo (vehicles, big equipment, building materials, et.). On top of this, the sea freight market is well organized, and it assures safety and reliability, not by chance it is the most common means of transport in import/export freight market.

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The Advantages of Agile Cargo Sea Freight

Agile Cargo has always included sea freight service in own business. To guarantee an exhaustive service to our customers, when it needs, we manage integrated multimodal services Air to Sea on top the classic sea freight solution.

Thanks to the partnership with container shipping companies, we can reach the majority of international trading ports with Full Container Load service as well as Groupage service (Less than Container Load).

With you, we select the most suitable container shipping company, and we will follow you step-by-step during the entire shipping process. From pick-up service to door-to-door, from packaging service to custom brokering and insurance assistance, both for General Cargo and for Heavy and Outsized Cargo.

Through a custom service with different solutions, we can offer a flexible service that suit to your real transport needs in order to get cost and time savings.

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all-risks insurance

It is possible to ship both Full Container Load than Less Container Load for the most common commercial routes. With Less Container Load the goods are shipped with other customers goods in the same container, in this way is possible to pay just a fraction of it. Furthermore, the companies can take advantages from the different container freight station solutions, in this way is possible to collect the goods from different suppliers in the same origin port and/or divide it in the destination port for different consignees.

Thanks to high capacity of containership and the different kind of containers (standard 20’’ and 40’’, high cube, flat rack, open top and refrigerated) is possible to move any kind of goods or vehicles everywhere you want.

According to your needs, we can manage just the hauling sea freight or in the other hand we can carry out pick-up and door to door services, including multimodal services Air + Sea

We manage international sea freight solutions with any type of Delivery Terms defined in your business agreement.

We take care of the whole custom protocol and transit and sales documents related to your sea freight.

We provide consulting service for commercial transactions that involve Cash on Delivery (COD), Cash Against Documents (CAD) or Letter of Credit (LC) formulas.

If container truck cannot reach your goods location, we can store and manage the load process in our warehouse in Fiumicino, and if you need we can handle packaging and repackaging services.

On top the mandatory insurance coverage, is possible to add All-Risk insurance service for your sea freight.

In order to detect any issue and solve it promptly, we check your sea freight shipment different times per day and we keep you update constantly.

We believe in long run relationship, for this reason our job is not over with the goods delivery. In fact, we will keep you update about the custom legislation changes and new sea freight market opportunities related to your needs.

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