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Live Animals International Shipping

NOTE: We carry out Live Animals Shipping only as export service from Fiumicino Airport in Rome.

Do you have to travel abroad with your pets?

Are you a breeder or do you have a circus and you need to relocate your animals abroad?

No problem, Agile Cargo can carry out any kind of live animals shipping, both the most common pets and those of farm animals or in captivity.

For that reason, only authorized transport operators can carry on the transfer abroad of live animals, in fact only these organizations can guarantee that your animals are shipped with safety and without risks and threats to their health.

Here in Agile Cargo, we will follow you step by step during all the phases of the international transport of your animals. From bureaucracy aspects, as vaccinations and documents needed, to the air carrier choices; from the pet carrier choice to its tracking at any time during all stages of transport until arrival at their destination.

Documents needed for pet shipping

  • Animal aspects as its breed, age and weight.
  • Pet carrier sizes (according to IATA standards
  • Pet passport, Microchip
  • Antirabic vaccination date
  • Export Veterinary Certificate issued by ASL Valid 10 days

Things you have to know about Live Animals Shipping

  • Your pets travel as any other passenger. In fact, the hold reserved for live animals is pressurized, ventilated and air-conditioned like the passenger area.
  • Do not sedate your pet. The sedatives alter its blood pressure and its heart rate, so sedatives could be harmful to its health. The air carries don’t assume any responsibility in these cases and they prohibit this praxis. If you think that your pet might miss you and feel sick during the trip, put some wearing apparel with your smell inside the pet carrier, and let the pet familiarize some days earlier with the pet carrier. This method will make the difference.
  • Sometime your pet could travel in a different aircraft. Especially on flights with stopover, for safety reasons it is necessary that the pet receives health and veterinary assistance at the stopover airport, moreover, not all aircraft are designed for the Transport of Live Animals (AVI).
  • For some destinations quarantine period is required.


  • Destination
  • Pet Breed, Weight and Dimension
  • Pet Carrier Weight and Dimension
  • Travel Period

On top of this, take note that some airline companies require a picture of your pet inside the pet carrier.


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