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  • Airport to Airport
  • Port to Port
  • Door to Door
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Pérsonal Effects and Parcels

  • Parcels (min 35 Kg)
  • Pallets
  • Furniture
  • Electrical appliance
  • Musical Instrument
  • Sport Equipment
  • Wearing Apparel
  • Personal Effects
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Air, Sea Freight

* Completed Container or Groupage

Personal Effects International Shipping

Have you to ship your personal effects abroad?

Do you want taking advantage of cheap rates that usually are intended to the companies for your bulky and heavy packages?

With Agile Cargo you can ship with a low-priced your personal effects such as wearing apparel, furniture, sport equipment and musical instrument abroad. Thanks to the experience gained in the international freight for business sector, today Agile Cargo can offer to private customers as well, all the advantages and the convenient rates that usually were intended to the companies.

Hence if your personal effects exceed the 35Kg or they are particularly big, Agile Cargo is the answer.

With us you can ship both by air freight solution and by sea freight, for any destination in any time. Furthermore, we carry out groupage formula for the main destinations of the sea freight, in this way you can save more because your personal effects will be shipped with the goods of other customers who have your same needs.

Last but not least, like in the international freight for business sector, you will decide the level of the service, in this way you can get a real custom service, based on your real needs. From airport to airport or port to port shipment service, to pick-up door delivery and packaging service.

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