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International Freight Transport and International
Parcel Services for Business and Private Customers

Where we ship



  • Airport to Airport
  • Port to Port
  • Terminal to Terminal
  • Door to Door
  • Multimodal Freight (Air + Sea)
  • Cross Trade
What we ship


Any Goods

  • General Cargo
  • Food & Beverage
  • Vehicles
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Heavy & Outsize Cargo
  • Personal Effects
  • International Moving
  • International Funeral Shipping
  • Live Animals Shipping
How we ship


Air, Sea, Land Freight

International Freight Forwarding Services Agile Cargo

Agile Cargo operates the international freight forwarding services for both small / big business customers and for private customers who have to ship their personal effects abroad.

We carry out and integrate air freight, sea freight and intermodal rail solutions.

We are experienced on long haul routes, in other words in intercontinental shipping services, and we are able to reach any destination in the world, even the most remote.

We offer a flexible service which one can be adapted to your different needs. We can manage any international freight forwarding services, in this way we can offer custom solutions aligned with any customer need or market peculiarity.

From direct shipping to groupage services, both prepaid and paid by the recipient, from custom brokering to transport documents and commercial documents assistance, from pick-up services to door-to-door, including packaging and repackaging services in our warehouse located in Fiumicino. Every little thing to guarantee a fast, reliable, safe and cost-effective service to you.

Aereo Cargo

Air Freight Agile Cargo

Agile Cargo thanks to the experience gained over the years is able to carries out international air freight, both for companies, that need regular, safe and cost-effective handling of their products, and for private customers who have to face demanding and thorny goods transfer. Over time, international air freight solution has carved out an important role for both business export and in the private goods transfer, becoming one of the favourite transport solutions for both companies and private customers.

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Container Porto

Sea Freigh Agile Cargo

Agile Cargo carries out sea freight solutions, both for companies that need regular, safe and cost-effective handling of their products, and for private customers who have to face occasional good transfers as such as vehicle shipping, international moving, or more in general bulky items and big parcels. The Sea Freight is the best solution for not urgent shipping and long-haul routes across the ocean..

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Container Porto
Treno Merci

Intermodal Rail Freight Agile Cargo

Thanks to the introduction of intermodal rail freight services, now Agile Cargo can satisfy every company freight transport need. The intermodal rail freight solution (Road + Rail) combines the flexibility of trucking services with the efficiency of rail transport. The combined road-rail transport services are exclusively dedicated to the companies and them are the best solution for not urgent medium and long transport range with destinations as European countries, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and China.

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