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Agile Cargo International Air Freight

Agile Cargo thanks to the experience gained over the years is able to carries out international air freight, both for companies, that need regular, safe and cost-effective handling of their products, and for private customers who have to face demanding and thorny goods transfer.

Over time, international air freight solution has carved out an important role for both business export and in the private goods transfer, becoming one of the favourite transport solutions for both companies and private customers. The reasons why behind this choice are related to 3 essential advantages:

Fast Shipping


Air freight solution is by far the fastest. Even through a standard service, it is possible to reach the major world destinations within 72 hours.

Safe Shipping


Air freight as the passenger transport, must accomplish high safety standards, because is essential that on top to protect the load, the vehicle itself is preserved. The goods are places in special pallets, called ULD (Unit Load Device), which in turn are anchored to the fuselage of the aircraft. In this way the goods transported are less exposed to shocks and oscillations. For this reason, air freight solution is the safest for fragile and vulnerable products.

International Global Network


The widespread network of airports around the world allows you to reach any destination in the world, even the most remote. Therefore, it is possible to reach any place with just one means of transport, this cut downs the numbers of transhipment of goods, increasing the efficiency.

Cargo Aircraft
Cargo flight

The Advantages of Agile Cargo International Air Freight

Agile Cargo has always been involved in international air freight, and we are expert on long-haul routes. During the years, we have distinguished ourselves for the services to African and Asian markets, areas where the knowledge of the local procedures are essential to success in cargo shipment.

We are able to manage and optimize every phase of the shipping process, achieving efficiency and high-performance. From goods pick-up to home delivery services, from packaging services to the custom brokering and documents assistance; for both General Cargo and Special Cargo.

With you, we select the best international air freight solution. After a careful evaluation of your needs and the type of goods, we select the itinerary and the most suitable airlines carriers. A flexible service, which can be adapted to your real transport needs, in order to get a real international air freight custom service full of advantages, that means cost-saving and high-performance.

Our Services
Packaging Service
Custom Brokering
"All Risk"
All-Risks Insurance

Agile Cargo can manage both direct shipments to any destination (AWB), and groupage shipments for the main commercial routes (MAWB and HAWB). The first one has the double advantage to be faster and without any restriction; in fact, by the direct shipments the goods are straightaway on the first available flight and the consignee can choose the own custom agent. In this way it will be possible to cut down the time for the custom clearance procedures. In the other side the groupage is low-priced, because the goods are collected and shipped with other customers goods.

  • General Cargo Includes every good that can be palletized and stowed in the appropriate air containers, and for whose, you just need the invoices or sender’s declaration documents for import/export procedures. General Cargo goods are accepted by every airlines company.
  • Perishable Products (PER) and Active Temperature Control (ACT) The Perishable Cargo and Active Temperature Controller System categories include every cold chain food, pharmaceutical and veterinary products, floriculture products, some high-tech sector products and more generally every product where a nonstop temperature checking is essential to guarantee the product integrity and safe standards according to the legislation to which product refer to.
  • Vulnerable Cargo (VUN) The vulnerable cargo are the products exposed to burglary, products such as watches, designer clothing, smartphone and electronical devices. Special cages are used, which ones are stored in 24-hour video surveillance warehouse and according to the needs, security guards are involved during the transhipments.
  • Dangerous Goods (DGR) Dangerous Goods are described and classified into hazard categories in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations manual. Each product category engages specific procedures, approved packaging, labelling, documentation and hauling capacity limits.
  • Express Shipping (XPS) Express shipments with short transit time and fast delivery.
  • Heavy Equipment and Outsize Cargo (BIG) Outsize Cargo is every products that cannot be palletized or stowed in the usual air containers.
  • Valuable Cargo (VAL) Valuable Cargo means jewels and high-valuable items. Specific transport procedures are involved during the shipping process, the items are stored in the airport vault and escort up to airplane cargo hold.
  • Human Remains (HUM) Coffins and urns transport, with embassies authorizations management.
  • Live Animals (AVI) Pets and any other animal species transport. The animals are settled in certified carriers or authorized cages according to the procedures established by the Live Animals Regulations.

According to the destination and your needs, we can manage different kind of international air freight services. From airport-to-airport shipping, to pick-up or home delivery services, up to air freight plus sea freight multimodal solutions.

We carry out triangular shipments for major commercial routes in order to cost saving and cut down the transit time.

We manage international air freight solutions with any type of Delivery Terms defined in your business agreement.

We handle the customs protocol and we take care of every transit and sales documents, both in Export and Import.

The air freight is the safest transport solution by far and it includes mandatory insurance coverage from air carriers, but if you need you can add All-Risk Insurance assistance on top of it. All-Risk Insurance assistance is appropriate for both high-valuable items and vulnerable goods and useful according to duty and responsibility position undertaken in the business agreements.

We provide consulting and assistance for commercial transactions involving the Cash on Delivery (COD), Cash Against Documents (CAD) or Letter of Credit (LC) formulas.

If you need, we can pick-up your goods wherever you want, we can store them in our warehouse in Fiumicino and carry out packaging and repackaging services.

Thanks to the telematic systems and the widespread partners network, we check your shipments several times per day in order to detect any transit-time discrepancy and solve them, keeping you update on the different stages of the shipping process.

Our job is not over with the goods delivery. In fact, we keep you updated on customs legislation changes and on the new air freight market opportunities, in this way you get the best international air freight service ever.

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