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Agile Cargo Intermodal Rail Freight

Thanks to the introduction of intermodal rail freight services, now Agile Cargo can satisfy every company freight transport need. The intermodal rail freight solution (Road + Rail) combines the flexibility of trucking services with the efficiency of rail transport.

The combined road-rail transport services are exclusively dedicated to the companies and them are the best solution for not urgent medium and long transport range with destinations as European countries, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and China.

Moreover, thanks to intermodal rail freight service is possible to handle high goods quantity included heavy and outsize cargo without any problem, so here you can see all the advantages of combined road-rail transport service:

Intermodal freight efficiency


The combined road-rail transport service is the perfect mix between these transport means, and it is the perfect compromise between price, time and performance. Thanks to the rail, the transit-time is assured because it is possible to avoid the driving bans, and thanks to the road you get the accuracy and the flexibility of trucking service to cover the first and the last mile. On top of this, the low-price and the load safety make this kind of freight service the perfect value for money service.

Intermodal freight pragmatism


Even if from an infrastructural point of view, intermodal rail transport is very complex, from customer side it is very convenient and super easy choice because it offers an end-to-end service with just one transport document. Moreover, is possible to handle high goods quantity included heavy and outsize cargo without any problem (paper reels, building materials, heavy equipment, vehicles, et.).

suistanable intermodal freight


Thanks to high capacity of cargo trains, the rail freight service is more eco-friendly compered to trucking service, in fact with it is possible to cut CO2 pollution up to 70%. For this reason, different countries governments subsidize rail freight market, in this way the rail intermodal transportation become convenient and sustainable for companies from an economic point of view as well.

freight train
Rail Freight

The Advantages of Agile Cargo Intermodal Rail Freight

Thanks to our network, Agile Cargo offers convenient rate to any kind of goods and for any quantity. We select with you the best freight transport combination to optimize cost and performance.

The Intermodal Rail Freight is especially convenient for Eurasian route (European countries, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States, and China) because the departures scheduling of cargo trains are frequent and fixed. In this way is possible to save up to 50% on transit-time.

Our freight transport solution is always tailored on your real transport needs and you can customize as you prefer.

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The Intermodal Rail Freight is a door-to-door service with just one bill of loading, in this way the shipment tracking is easier. If you need, we offer warehouse service as well.

Virtually, with the combined road-rail transportation is possible to manage any kind of goods. Unfortunately, not every interports have the same infrastructure, so it is very important to take in consideration the specific route.

With Not Accompanied Transport (TCnA), like in the sea freight as well, only the container unit load is moved between the means of transport. In the other hand, with accompanied transport, so called “travelling freeway” as well, the truck and the driver travel with the train. This second option could be convenient if you own a truck and the load is complete for the round trip.

The Intermodal Rail Freight suits well for big quantity transportation, but also in this case is possible to get the groupage service.

We can handle the custom protocol and transit and sales documents related to your shipment.

The rail transportation service is very safe, but if you need, we can add All-Risk insurance coverage for your shipment.

Our job is not over with the goods delivery. During the last years, the rail freight market is buzzing. Different countries governments are investing on interports infrastructure improvements. Whit Agile Cargo you will be updated on every intermodal rail freight market opportunity.

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