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Italy Food Export

In Italy, the food industry is the second country production sector, it provokes the 15% of GDP, and involve more than 2 mln of companies and a fifth of all the Italian work-force.

The Italian cuisine is the expression of the country biodiversity. Thanks to the high-quality raw material and healthy food processing, the Italian food products are loved all over the world

Perhaps not by chance, the Italy has the highest number of certificate food products from European Community, and from 2010 the Italian cuisine is officially recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage from UNESCO.

When food and drinks are exported, if you want to keep unaltered the quality of your products, you cannot just take care about food processing. The agri-food, as well as the wine and the spirits, are vulnerable to different kind of external factors as humidity, light and temperature bouncing. The incorrect compliance of food transport procedures and techniques could deteriorate the organoleptic properties of food, and more generally their taste.

On top of this, you have to take in consideration that fresh and perishable products logistic is ruled by national and international regulatory acts, and from carriage procedures focused on food preservation and food safety.

For this reason, the Agile Cargo networking is exclusively made up from competent and authorized operators. In this way we support the export of all the food industry companies, traders, restaurateurs, and wineries, according to food transport compliance, keeping unaltered the product quality and the Italian taste.

We carry out all the phases of food logistics. With you we select the rout and most suitable carriers, we deposit the products in authorized warehouses, and we take care of the packaging with approved and certificate products (isothermal packaging, blankets for pallets, cool & gel packs). Every little thing to ensure that the products arrive on the tables all over the world as at the origin, keeping their taste and freshness intact.

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