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Heavy Equipment & Building Materials

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Heavy Equipment Logistics

Agile Cargo carries out in-gauge cargo solutions for construction industry and manage heavy equipment logistics for different industrial sectors, through transport services by air, by sea and by rail.

The performance of construction industry is closely related to the economic growth of the own geographic market. From 2008, the uncertain Italian economy, with less and less investments in both public and private sector, has created a crisis for the building sector.

For this reason, many companies rather than turning to the domestic market started an export strategy. At the beginning this internationalization was defined by geographical proximity, with exchanges within Europe; today always more frequently, these exports have an intercontinental spirit. America and Russia are now solid markets, and thanks to the increase in both public and private investments, the African highlymarket is growing more and more, driven by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

To be successful, the export strategy must be carried out in synergy with transport companies that can guarantee a reliable cargo service with affordable rates.

Agile Cargo chooses together with you the best possible route for your goods, integrating all the solutions available in the freight transport, in order to optimize both times and costs.

About the export of professional machinery, Italy is in fifth general position, but it is leader in the HoReCa sector. Furthermore, the professional machinery market is characterized by a thriving second-hand market, the construction tools and heavy equipment are in highly requested in both Africa and Latin America.

Agile Cargo manage the heavy equipments and professional machineries shipping, taking into account the characteristics of each goods load, ensuring safe shipments, in short times with affordable rates.

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